Tease The Season

BY Shari LeGate

The “season” is almost upon us — and it’s not the holiday season I’m referring to. It’s the show season. I know it seems a bit early to be talking about it, but in a couple months, we’ll be ringing in the New Year and a few weeks later, converging on Las Vegas. SHOT Show is a key part of the trade show season, and like the holiday season — it goes much smoother if you’re prepared for it.
Preparing for show season is time-consuming and stressful. Adding one more element to the pre-planning list may seem unrealistic, but the following marketing tip won’t add to your already overburdened show preparation groundwork — it can add to your overall success of the show. It’s using video marketing to market your booth long before the show doors open.

Until recently, trade show norm for attendees was walking up and down the aisles, visiting exhibitor booths and discovering what new products/promotions were being introduced that year. And since all the exhibitors were at the same location at the same time, it was the perfect opportunity to do comparison-shopping as well.


However, social media has created a fundamental shift in how people attend trade shows, and their goals and objectives have changed too. Consumers and buyers today can do their research via the Internet, using everything at their fingertips to make their trade show experience more productive and expedient. Using information found on websites, industry blogs, YouTube and Facebook, attendees now walk in with a short list of exhibitors and manufacturers they plan on visiting. Once they’re finished checking off the must-see booths, they might walk the aisles if there’s any time left.

“Get a head start on the season
and generate more traffic
to your show booth
by using video marketing.”

By using video marketing a few months before the season starts, you can generate excitement about your booth. Creating a 15- or 30-second teaser video showing a little of what attendees can expect from your booth and your brand can get you added to their short list. It can be something as easy as fast-paced pictures flashed on the screen with edgy music, ending with a graphic, showing your booth number and location or some simple special effects asking a question. Send the video out in an email blast to your database and across all your social media platforms. People like to be entertained, and a teaser video can be both entertaining and memorable. Video works because it gives not only the information of who, when, where and why, but an inkling of the “what” — which will bring them to the booth.

3d_audienceGet a head start on the season and generate more traffic to your show booth by using video marketing. Quick, turnkey teaser videos are available and ready to help make your season a success. Reach out to Tracy Moore at tracy.moore@nullfmghq.com for more information to jumpstart your season.

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