Special Edition Advertising Profile

An In-Depth Look At Who Really Reads Them And Why:

Industry media buyers have learned that American COP, American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine Special Editions are the best advertising values available, but up until now, little was known about the readership. How old are they? How often do they shoot? Do they shoot alone or with friends? How much do they plan to spend on firearms and shooting accessories this year? A recent reader survey helped solve the mystery of the buying habits and firearms interests of these shooting sportsmen. As it turns out, Special Edition readers are very active. They spend $9.95 per issue with the hopes of discovering more ways to enjoy their favorite part of shooting. Here are the highlights that make the Special Edition audience a valuable addition to any media budget.

Special editions offer advertisers:
  • Over 70,000 copies are distributed
  • Walmart store distribution
  • National newsstand distribution
  • $12.95 cover price equals long-term retention
  • Publisher direct sales continue for years
  • Bonus sales through Amazon of print & digital versions

West: Delano Amaguin
delano.amaguin@nullfmghq.com • 888-732-6461

North East: Tom Vorel
tom.vorel@nullfmghq.com • 800-426-4470

South East: Paula Iwanski
paula.iwanski@nullfmghq.com • 800-533-7988


  • 90% will use information in each issue as a guide to making a gun purchase.
  • 85% will use information as a guide to making a shooting accessory purchase.
  • 90% find ads useful in making purchasing decisions.
  • 75% of readers share their copy with at least two other people and as many as five.


  • 64% are most interested in Self-Defense.
  • 58% buy Special Editions for the Buyer’s Guide.
  • 32% are interested in hunting guns.


  • 71% make more than $30,000 per year.
  • 21% make more than $65,000 per year.
  • 53% make more than $40,000 per year.


  • 73% will spend from $500 to over $1000 on guns and accessories this year.
  • 40% prefer Target Shooting.
  • 84% own self-defense handguns.
  • 64% own shotguns
  • 72% own rifles.


  • 51% shoot 25 to 50 or more days per year.
  • 29% shoot at least 40 times per year.
  • 84% go shooting at least 10 times per year


  • 45% shoot at a range or gun club most often.
  • 76% shoot with family or friends.
  • 65% of Special Edition readers hunt.
  • 73% currently buy or plan to buy shooting supplies online or through the mail.

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