Return To Normal Market Forces

By Mark Kakkuri


“Normal” is a bit of an abstraction, yes. After all, how long does something need to be experienced before we consider it normal? The gun industry, for instance, has been anything but normal — for years. But did we think the record sales and growth would be the new normal? You’ve no doubt, heard from others who are insightfully letting you know what it’s going to be like in the gun industry in the future: smaller players perhaps dropping off, larger players reestablishing themselves, market forces going to work and, of course, the need for innovation.

“If we’re returning to “normal” market forces
— and we are —
it means you’ll need to be more intentional than ever
about communicating, marketing and advertising.”

About those market forces: As we’ve discussed, this partly is classic supply and demand and the ongoing need for communication. You communicate with the market, the market responds by buying from you. If we’re returning to “normal” market forces — and we are — it means you’ll need to be more intentional than ever about communicating, marketing and advertising. So take a look at your 2017 plans make sure they include the following:

Personalized customer interaction and engagement. Now more than ever, customers (our readers) expect fast, customized communications. Give it to them by responding to their emails, interacting with them on blogs and more. Make sure your website is up to date, responsive and mobile-optimized. Include your phone number, sure, but also offer other means of instant engagement such as a pop-up chat window.

Advertise to keep a steady stream of promotional information in front of customers. Ads still garner our readers’ attention. Make sure they see yours on a regular basis throughout the year — both in print and online.

Reviews on the American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine websites. This is an easy one. Get your products and services into my hands so I can publish an online review. We email our readers regularly and enjoy fantastic open and click-through rates and online engagement. Plus, you can use links to my reviews in your own digital marketing — posting on your social media feeds, etc.

Ready to make these things a part of your ongoing marketing efforts? If you want to discuss any of them, feel free to drop me a note at to discuss. I’ll be glad to interact with you on your ideas and help you see how they all work together to impact our readers and your customers. Whatever you do, whatever the market forces at work, make sure you take control of your communications and make it “normal” for your customers to hear from you.

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