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Alpine Innovations

Alpine Innovations’ AmmoSlicker is an innovative ammo holder built with a special non-slip neoprene interior. A catch pocket keeps ammo secure. The AmmoSlicker completely covers the ammo and has an adjustable fit so it can be used with most rifle stocks on the market. With the AmmoSlicker, you’ll always have the right amount of rounds within reach. It’s currently offered in large caliber size. For more info: (801) 766-4994,

Legend layout blind

Alps Outdoorz
The Legend Layout Blind from Alps Outdoorz is designed for hunters braving the elements. An enclosed, waterproof tarpaulin floor protects hunters and their gear from adverse weather. A mesh face screen conceals without obstructing the view. It is based on the Alps Outdoorz’s Zero-Gravity Layout Blind released earlier. Offering the same comfort as the Zero-Gravity Chair design, the seat of the Legend Layout Blind keeps a hunter off the ground while maintaining a low profile. A rear zippered door gives access to a pit storage area. This blind requires no assembly. For more info: (800) 344-2577,

Red Dot Sights

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace is offering a line of Red Dot Sights for pistols and long guns. Designed for 3-gun competition, home defense, hunting and recreation, the line of sights gives several field of view and reticle choices. The line is composed of five products: 1) CTS-1000 — a closed red dot sight with a 2 MOA aiming reticle; 2) CTS-1100 — a 3.5X battle sight with a custom and fully-illuminated advanced hybrid BDC reticle; 3) CTS-1200 — a compact red dot reflex sight using a 3.25 MOA aiming reticle for mounting on a pistol; 4) CTS-1300 — a compact open red dot sight with a 3.5 MOA aiming reticle; and 5) CTS-1400 — an open red dot sight with a 3.25 MOA aiming reticle and a large field of view. For more info: (503) 783-5333,

The Terrestrial


CRKT’s Terrestrial everyday carry knife is tactically inspired. It’s a capable folding knife with a unique handle design. It has a traditional spear-point blade but sports a harpoon feature on the spine. The 3.3″ 8Cr13MoV steel, plain-edge blade is polished with a satin finish to resist corrosion. The G10 handles match the blade’s aesthetic with a carved pattern. A ball bearing-based pivot mechanism allows the blade to deploy quickly and with reduced friction. The Terrestrial weighs 4.3 oz. Overall length is 7.688″ when open; closed it’s 4.348″. For more info: (503) 685-5015,

MiniTuck and SnapSlide Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters

The MiniTuck and SnapSlide as well as seven other holsters from Crossbreed Holsters fit the Springfield XD-S Mod.2. Inside-The-Waistband carry options include the CrossBreed SuperTuck IWB, Founder’s Series SuperTuck IWB and the Designer Series MiniTuck IWB. The MiniTuck IWB allows for adjusting ride height and cant while the standard combat cut provides full-length slide coverage while leaving the grip open for a quick draw. The SnapSlide, offered in standard, Founder’s Series and Designer Series models, is designed to ride “high-and-tight” for concealment under loose shirts. For more info: (417) 732-5011,

Mini Slide for GLOCK 19X

DeSantis Gunhide

The Mini Slide (#086) is designed for plainclothes professionals who prefer a tight riding holster without a thumb break. Featuring double-stitched seams and precision molding, the Mini Slide is fitted with a tensioning screw and has 1¾” belt slots. It is one of 29 DeSantis Gunhide holsters fit for the GLOCK 19X. Other DeSantis holsters for the GLOCK 19X are the Thumb Break Scabbard, Speed Scabbard, Mini Scabbard, Cozy Partner, Thumb Break Mini Slide, Osprey, E-Gat Slide, T-Gat Slide, Sky Cop, Mad Max, Top Cop 2.0, Apache Ankle Rig, Insider, Pro Stealth, Inside Heat, Nemesis, Super Fly, New York Undercover and more. For more info: (631) 841-6300,

Gold Standard Tactical Trigger

Majestic Arms

Majestic Arms’ Gold Standard Tactical Trigger fits Mark III and Mark IV frames. It has an adjustable length of pull, pre-travel and over-travel adjustment, a new-style plunger with tactile reset and an ergonomic trigger face design. CNC machined from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum, the Gold Standard Tactical Trigger has a hard-coat gold anodized finish and can be used with a combination of components. It comes with Allen keys and extra screws. For more info: (718) 356-6765,


McMillan Fiberglass Stocks

The Sentry is McMillan’s new modular bolt rifle stock, a “hybrid” rifle platform combining Remington-action stock with AR-style modularity. Based on most Remington-type actions, this new stock can accept AR-style buttstocks and grips to improve marksmanship and combine the best of the bolt rifle and tactical semi-auto rifle worlds. Offered with full inletting (barrel and action), molded-in color, and buttstock/grip adapter, the Sentry features a squared fore end for use on a tripod mounting system. For more info: (877) 365-6148,

Safe Escape Auto Tool

SABRE Security Equipment

The Safe Escape Auto Tool from SABRE Security Equipment is a 3-in-1 Auto Tool designed for your safety. SABRE’s maximum strength pepper gel can keep attackers at bay, the stainless-steel glass breaker allows speedy escapes, and the seatbelt cutter tears through malfunctioning belts when you’re literally in a bind. For more info: (800) 325-9568,

Taurus G2C .40 Caliber Semi-Auto

Taurus USA

Streamlined, performance driven and concealable are words to describe the Taurus G2C. Chambered in .40 S&W, this semi-auto is built on a polymer frame with ergonomically placed stippling along its grip. The G2C’s matte black/stainless steel slide has contours that blend with the frame for a snag-free draw and re-holster. Topping the slide is a fixed white dot front sight and white dot rear sights. Slide serrations provide a no-slip grip. Other features of the G2c include a striker-fire, double-action trigger system with restrike capability, a manual external safety, a Mil-STD 1913 Picatinny rail and more. The G2c also comes in 9mm Luger. For more info: (305) 624-1115,

Trail’s End #307 With Scent Reflex Technology

Wildlife Research Center

Wildlife Research Center now offers the Trail’s End #307 with Scent Reflex Technology, a buck lure in a convenient 1- or 4-fl. oz. bottle. It’s an effective all-season and rut buck lure containing whitetail doe urine with estrus secretions, oils derived from plants and other ingredients attractive to deer. Trail’s End #307 is ideal for pre-rut hunting and applying to scent wicks, draglines or scrape drippers. For more info: (800) 873-5873,

Extractor Pump Kit

Sawyer Products Inc

Sawyer’s Extractor Pump Kit is a safe and useful first aid device. Lightweight, small and reusable, it takes out venom and poison from the bites and stings of snakes, bees, wasps and other insects. The double-chamber vacuum pump provides a powerful suction to extract venoms and poisons without needing scalpel blades or knives. For more info: (800) 356-7811,

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