Exclusive: Slim And Simple Slides

A last count, there were a hundred billion holsters available for Glock pistols. Maybe more. And I’ve toted my Gen 2 Glock 19 around in most of them. I’ve got my favorites, sure, but I want show you two belt slide holsters that excel for all-day concealed carry. Of course the High Noon Slide Guard and DeSantis Mini Slide you see here carry the Glock 19 safely and securely. That’s a given. The strengths of these holsters, however, is that they do so without complexity and without bulk. They’re simple and slim — great characteristics for a traditional belt slide.

!3High Noon’s Slide Guard retails for $114.95 and offers full-grain leather construction that’s made to order. Molded perfectly to the Glock 19 it carries, the Slide Guard sports a slight forward cant and a screw for adjusting the draw tension. The belt slots will fit up to a 1-¾ inch belt and yields a high ride, putting the stocks of the Glock 19 up against the side of my back when worn at 4 o’clock. This is the holster I choose when I want the muzzle fully covered and a layer of leather between my side and the slide of the gun. You can see the holster’s robust construction — I can assure you it is very stiff — but it is not in any way heavy or chunky feeling. Covering garments easily drape over it and the Glock goes in and out of the holster with surety.

!2DeSantis’ Mini Slide retails for $69.99 and features premium saddle leather that covers less of the Glock 19 than the High Noon Slide Guard. While the Mini Slide offers a molded fit to the Glock 19, it only does so around the trigger guard and a portion of the slide. The muzzle is left exposed and there’s no extended layer of leather between my side and the back of the slide. With the Glock, that’s not a problem, as the slide features no sharp edges and I’m not concerned about maintaining the finish on the gun’s muzzle. While the Mini Slide’s leather is just a bit thinner than other holsters, it’s virtually as strong and firm. Like the High Noon, a screw on the Mini Slide allows me to customize the draw tension. Worn at 4 o’clock, it’s just the right amount of everything for a safe and secure ride on a gun belt up to 1-¾ inches wide. And the Glock 19 goes it and out confidently.

!1Belt slides like the Slide Guard and Mini Slide may require an extra 10-20 seconds of install time and offer fewer retention features than other holsters. But they’ll keep a Glock 19 at the ready all day, never moving or loosening their grip on the gun. And for an outside the waistband holster, they still conceal decently.

That’s the beauty of simple and slim slides.

What characteristics do you look for in a concealed carry holster?

— Mark Kakkuri

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