Exclusive: Exodus Gunleather Illusion Bullfrog

There, a product title so intriguing it can stand on its own as the title of this article.

Allow me to expound.

Exodus stands for Exodus Gunleather, a St. Joseph, Missouri-based company owned and run by Carl Collins, a custom holster maker.

DSC_0329Illusion is the name of an outside the waistband holster, so called because the holster appears to float over a belt with no visible means of attachment. The holster features a molded sight channel, sweat shield, and 15 degree forward cant.

Bullfrog is the exotic finish on this horse-hide holster. Retail price is $225.

I could have titled this article “Favorite Holsters, Part 2.” But “Exodus Illusion Bullfrog” is a lot more fun.

DSC_0330Aside: The gun you see in the holster is a Desert Eagle 1911 Undercover. You’ll hear more about this gun later. For now, let it suffice to say that it is very well built, very light in weight, and impressed the staff at the Michigan Shooting Centers, where I picked it up.

Needless to say, the Desert Eagle looks great and fits perfectly in the Exodus Illusion Bullfrog. Most importantly, it carries very well — sturdy yet comfortable, which is a difficult balance to strike.

DSC_0333Sturdy. Initially skeptical of the Illusion’s means of attaching to a belt, I thought the holster would sag or slide too much. Not so. In fact, it affixes to a belt (a gun belt, mind you) as sure as any outside the waistband holster with traditional belt loop cutouts in the leather. See those unique belt loop attachments in the pictures? They haven’t given a bit in the months I’ve been using the holster. So cinch that belt up tight and the Illusion carries a three-inch barrelled 1911 as securely as any.

Comfortable. Gun belts and gun holsters are meant to be worn tight as a matter of security and stability, of course. And we all know the wrong combination of belt, holster, and gun can be quite uncomfortable to wear for any period of time. Or uncomfortable when sitting. Or when driving. Yes, we agree to sacrifice a bit of comfort when carrying concealed. With the Exodus Illusion, however, there’s nowhere near as much sacrifice as with others.

DSC_0332But sturdy and comfortable is great only if it doesn’t add too much bulk. See the Illusion’s slim profile? That translates into easy-to-conceal carry — giving the illusion, if you will, that you are unarmed.

— Mark Kakkuri


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