Don’t Miss Out On Opportunities

By Roy Huntington, publisher

Here at FMG we pretty much live to help clients succeed in reaching their goals. From my personal experience here over the past 25 years of affiliation with the team, I can attest we all get a hit of adrenalin when we see our clients launch hot new products, score in an innovative sales promotion or do something so clever and amazing it makes our day. No, really, I’m not making this up. Because — and think about this — the old adage about the rising tide floating all boats is exactly right.

Successful clients mean happy customers, happy customers want to know more about the companies and products they like, and those companies want to be in our pages so their customers can learn more. As one of our key clients told me, “They can’t buy our products if they’re not for sale on the shelf, and seeing them in your pages means they’re on that shelf.”

It works.

We want to know what your goals are,
what you feel needs to happen in order to have those goals succeed
and what challenges you feel you might encounter.

When we meet with you, the focus of our conversation will invariably be on what your company is gearing-up to do. We want to know what your goals are, what you feel needs to happen in order to have those goals succeed and what challenges you feel you might encounter. Once we know that, we have a better sense of what we can do to help. I spend a good deal of my time — every day — talking to people in our industry, helping them sort out market trends, consumer needs, holes in the market I see and “best ways” to interact with the media.

In today’s world, with the continued explosion in on-line focus, digital marketing and social media, many of our clients are overwhelmed. And, they ask, how does all that affect a print media presence? What do they do to market their product or service and how do they know what advertising or promotional method may work best for them? Let’s be honest, many (most?) of our clients are still struggling with how to manage electronic media, and we help them all we can. Remember, we offer on-line advertising too — and have experience with the product. They are often unsure of how to present info, how often to present it, how to track it and what good is a “like” or a “friend” if they can’t track how it affects sales? Are they risking ignoring or marginalizing boomers who don’t “do that internet thingy?” And by the way, yes they are — if they’re ignoring that huge “non-tech” portion of the boomer market.

It’s never wrong to rely on proven products.

In spite of what many may say, the digital world is still an infant and is continuing to grow and morph almost constantly — even instantly at times. But I think it’s important to remember it’s also never wrong to rely on proven products. An adjustable wrench works because it fixes things. You’ve used one, you can see it and feel it, and you can hand it to someone else to use too. And it lasts and lasts. Print media is exactly like that.

Look at the magazine likely on your desk right now. You’re familiar with it, comfortable with the format, the vetted content, you read the articles and the ads — and you often share it with your friends. You may also keep it to refer to later. And guess what … so do your customers. And, the trend is they are relying more and more upon it since many are dazed with the sheer volume of information crammed down their throats daily on-line. They want simple, calm, vetted information and entertainment. They like print for those very reasons.

We hear time and time again of our clients who handle digital media successfully — and we applaud their successes here and with other on-line tools — and virtually every time they also tell us they like to anchor it with a solid print ad base selling directly to proven, repeat customers. Those ads also drive many of those same customers to follow-up on-line to make the purchase, for more info, or motivate them to visit a neighborhood gun store to make a purchase.

We just hate to see our friends in the industry miss out on opportunities. Our entire team is ready to help you reach your goals. We have a 62 year record of success helping our clients and readers connect.

It works.

Feel free to drop me a line at so we can chat about any of this. Showcasing new products to our readers is what we like to do, so let us know what you have going on!

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