Deep Cover Defensive Package From NAA!


North American Arms’ 4″ barreled, .22 Magnum Sidewinder is the keynote in the SE GUNS Extreme Personal Defense issue. The .22 WMR “mini revolver” boasts a stainless steel frame and an ejector rod/yoke assembly that allows for a swing-out cylinder. While the Sidewinder is a single-action, its ejector rod and star pushes all the empties out at once, making it much easier to unload and load than previous models … a surefire boost to its utility.

Whether boosting your security equipment at home, the car toolbox or your range bag, SOG’s Dark Energy 550A flashlight is one addition you’ll want to have in your arsenal. Weighing just 4.30 oz. with just a 5.51″ overall length, the Dark Energy packs 624 max lumens, which met SOG’s most important goal when creating this model: making one of the brightest flashlights in its size range. The single-button switch allows users to go through five different modes, including on/off, 100 or 40 percent power, reading and tactical strobe. And while it may be tiny, the Dark Energy 550A is mighty enough to shed much-needed light on dark situations.

The winner of the giveaway will also receive Hogue’s 3.5″ drop point, heat-treated EX-01 folder. With a tumbled finish, hand-honed blade, button/plunge lock with manual safety and G10 frame, the EX-01 is an elegant yet incredibly durable everyday carry knife.

Stay on the cutting edge of personal safety with the Covert Carrier body armor system from Safeguard Armor. Made from DuPont Kevlar and with NIJ Level II Ballistic Protection and NIJ Level I Edged Blade Protection, the lightweight 5.5-lb. vest is a high-quality design for law enforcement and security personnel, or simply the everyday citizen who puts a premium on personal protection.

Brite-Strike is including its Ultimate Survival Key Fob with Line-Light. This “next generation” replacement for chemical light sticks has up to 200 hours of runtime and two strobe modes, visible up to one mile, is both shockproof and waterproof (up to 200′.) The key fob also includes a fire-starter rod, jute tinder and mini knife wrapped with Kevlar line, two fishing hooks, 20′ of fishing line and approximately 12 feet of Mil Spec Paracord, making this a mighty, must-have multi-tool.

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— Sara Cardoza



Maker: North American Arms
(801) 374-9990
Caliber: .22 WMR, Capacity: 5
Weight: 4 oz. (empty), Barrel Length: 4″
Value: $396



Maker: Safeguard Armor
(310) 768-0098
Value: $190



Maker: SOG Knives & Tools
(425) 771-6230,
Value: $122



Maker: Brite-Strike
(508) 746-8701
Value: $40



Maker: Safeguard Armor
(310) 768-0098
Value: $190

Total Value: $967.95

Entry Deadline: March 7, 2016

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