Can We Talk?

By Shari Le Gate

I’m a social media aficionado. Doesn’t matter which platform, I’m a fan of it all, and I constantly get emails and phone calls from clients asking how they can be good at social media. My response is always the same: Don’t spend your time being good at social media. Spend your time being good at your business because of social

“Being good at social media may be cool, but using social media to be good at your business and bring in new customers is being professionally savvy.”

Social media started out with the promise of changing how we reached the customer. Touted as super micro marketing, it was supposed to be the ultimate in one-to-one marketing. Somewhere along the line though, content marketing took over and social media became a distribution channel. The priority became growing the audience instead of talking to it. However, increasing your follower likes, retweets and shares for the sake of having higher numbers to report doesn’t attract new clients or sell more product — communicating with your customer does.

A social media strategy allows you to be good at your business by asking a lot of questions. What’s the focus? Is it customer retention, customer acquisition, product rollouts, information, tutorials or building likes and shares? Most likely, the answer is all of the above, but remember the original purpose of social media: communicating with the customer. Somewhere in the maze of all these questions and strategies there needs to be a balance between social media marketing and using social media to have a conversation with the customer.

All social media platforms offer opportunities to focus on talking to the customer, but in the rush to be good at social media, we have a tendency to just “post” and we forget about the customer: Who they are and what they really see and hear. Take a step back and look at all your social media programs. What are you posting and why? Are you talking to the customer and responding to their needs, or are you taking care of your company’s need to have a presence on social media? How’s your posting cadence? Are you reactive or proactive? And when is the last time you really looked at how your customer responds to all your social media activities — really looked at it, more than just the comments section.

Being on every platform doesn’t mean you’re conducting good business. Maybe you’re just conducting good social media. Remember, modern social media marketing is still just marketing. It hasn’t changed the customer, but it has changed our perception of the customer. A huge presence across all the platforms isn’t talking to your customer, its just letting them know you’re around, that doesn’t sell product or build brand loyalty. The basics of marketing are understanding the customer, listening to them and engaging with them — this is what sells product and builds brand loyalty.

Being good at social media may be cool, but using social media to be good at your business and bring in new customers is being professionally savvy. If you’re interested in talking to your customer through social media, FMG Video Productions can show you how. Contact me at or Tracy Moore at for more information. After all, throwing something up on the wall to see if it sticks only works well with pasta.

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