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A Real Steal

It’s almost the year 2020. We have devices we can speak to and say “order dog food,” and it arrives the next day at our door. We have cars that make no sound and practically drive themselves. And a surprising number of concealed carry permit holders still carry a wheelgun — at least part of the time. Like all the choices we must make, there are pros and cons. Some of the many reasons given against them are quality revolvers are too expensive, too heavy or too bulky. And of course, there is the capacity argument — which we’ll get to.

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Old West Hi-Tech

A funny thing happened in 1878. A sleek, futuristic single-shot rifle offering breeching strength beyond the needs of the day’s cartridges debuted just as the repeating rifle was brushing them aside in military and civilian arms decisions. Then a large-frame double-action revolver presaged the next 100 years of outdoorsman’s arms by cleverly combining old dependable technology with refreshing new concepts of combat firepower.

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Home Build A Retro AR

How about we build a semi-auto, old school, dual aperture flip sight, pencil barrel, carry handle, Vietnam issue M16A1 look-alike that’s discretely adapted and updated to shoot better than the original guns for a great price? It’s easier now than it has ever been thanks to the Brownells Retro parts line.

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Amp Up The Awesome

Fitting a handgun with a shoulder stock typically requires registration with the federal government, a $200 tribute and an interminable wait. What you get for all this hassle is a nifty takedown pseudo carbine more controllable than a handgun otherwise unadorned. However, for a special few stocked handguns exempted from the registration requirements you can enjoy the shoulder-stocked cool without, to quote Star Wars, all the Imperial entanglements.

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