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Picking My Perfect Packin' Pistol

Our own John Taffin coined the “Perfect Packin’ Pistol” moniker, and he’s been on the trail of one ever since. And I have to say, he’s right about it. Unless it’s light and handy, you just don’t have it on hand. It never fails; you bump into wily coyote or other vermin when you’re not carrying your favorite sidearm. I was doing some chores around the farm the other day on the tractor and had a coyote stand there — and watch me work! If I would only have been carrying a handgun, and I know better! This wasn’t my first mishap.

The Home-Carry Handgun

These days, burglars seem to be less concerned about breaking into an occupied dwelling than they did in the past. Doesn’t sound very smart, does it? With the rise of the new “gun culture,” things are changing. Whereas people used to buy a gun, fire a few rounds, clean it and throw it in the sock drawer — there to remain until the estate is inventoried 30 years later — people now buy guns, carry them and shoot them too!

Buying Used Long Guns

One great thing about guns is they don’t wear out nearly as quickly as pickup trucks. My oldest is a “trapdoor” Springfield .45-70 made in the 1880’s. All the mechanical parts still work, and it consistently hits an 8″ gong at 200 yards with the issue iron sights. My wife Eileen and I also own several shotguns around a century old, and they all work just as well as when they were made

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