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Urban Survival Gear

Wilderness and backcountry survival tactics and gear seem to get most of the attention but lately we’ve seen urban survival getting its fair share of attention too. And rightly so. Thankfully, the gear is mostly the same for each — but there are a few key differences, especially considering whatever difficulty is at hand. Urban survival situations can run the gamut — from a basic inconvenience such as a temporary loss of electricity to a more complex scenario such as an earthquake with a subsequent riot arising from a lack of food and water.

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Back To The Beginning

The Brownells Retro BRN-10 comes in two models. The one we received for testing is the BRN-10A with brown furniture, a three-prong Dutch-style flash hider and is cataloged at 9 lbs., mostly from a heavier, fluted barrel. This one weighed 9 lbs., 2 oz. with an empty magazine installed. The second, the BRN-10B, has black furniture, a closed-end Portuguese-style flash hider and a thin pencil barrel paring the weight down to 8 lbs.

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Today's Top Carry Rigs

Why the never-ending flow of holsters? My theory is simple. Carrying a gun is a pain in the … well, you know. Clint Smith likes to say carrying a gun is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable. Wise words, because carrying a gun is certainly not going to replace the warm fuzzy I get from wearing my Buzz Lightyear slippers anytime soon. So, partly as a result of an abundance of communal pain, holster manufacturers are always looking to invent the next big thing to promise a better solution. There’s a whole new crop of gear worthy of your consideration. Let’s take a look at some of the newer offerings.

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