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Kimber's Aegis Elite Pro 9mm Vortex Venom

The ageless 1911 marches on, even managing to stay on top of newly emerging trends as it goes. Case in point: The Kimber Aegis Elite Pro, coming direct from the factory with a “carry optic” sight.

We shouldn’t be surprised: the 1911 was among the first pistols to get red dot optics, first in the bull’s eye competition world, and then in NRA Action Pistol and thereafter in USPSA. These, however, were the big bulky tubes of old, unsuitable for daily holster carry. Today’s smaller carry optics are becoming a trend in the CCW world.

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S&W M&P .380 Shield EZ

The call went something like this: “Hey Roy, can you break free for a quick two-dayer to S&W for a new gun launch?” — it was Matt Spafford, their media liaison guru. “We’re announcing something very cool and want to make sure Handgunner’s there to cover it!”

“Um … uh …,” I said, doing my best editor impression. “Promise me it’s not a polymer frame 9mm and I’ll come.

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Picking My Perfect Packin' Pistol

Our own John Taffin coined the “Perfect Packin’ Pistol” moniker, and he’s been on the trail of one ever since. And I have to say, he’s right about it. Unless it’s light and handy, you just don’t have it on hand. It never fails; you bump into wily coyote or other vermin when you’re not carrying your favorite sidearm. I was doing some chores around the farm the other day on the tractor and had a coyote stand there — and watch me work! If I would only have been carrying a handgun, and I know better! This wasn’t my first mishap.

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