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"Stay-Live" Knives

Edged weapons can serve as a vital backup to your gun if things go south, saving your life in a storm of bad circumstances. Some knife styles are best suited purely for self-defense or “close quarters combat.” Others can serve for personal protection and also perform utility or field chores in a survival situation. These are loosely referred to as “crossover cutters” — all can be had in fixed-blade or folding configuration.

Armed And Airborne

World War II was the first conflict in which parachute troops were used. Germany, Great Britain, Japan and the United States all employed paratroopers to one extent or the other. The first truly large-scale assault by paras in WWII was by Germany. That was when their Fallschirmjäger dropped from tri-motor JU-52’s over the island of Crete in May 1941. The last big parachute drop was made by British and American troops during the push to cross the Rhine in March 1945.

Leaner, Meaner Glock

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Information Age has been the tidal wave of legislation allowing law-abiding Americans to carry guns for personal protection. Nowadays it’s at least theoretically possible to carry a handgun legally in all 50 states. Rarely does a day go by the news doesn’t sport a story or two of law-abiding Americans having used a concealed firearm to thwart some crime or other. We live in heady days indeed.

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