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Mt. Falcon performance eyewear frame is made of TR-90 material, is ANSI z87-rated and has passed Mil-Spec PRF 31013 testing. The Mt. Falcon features an open-bottom frame style to reduce fogging and sheds weight, and also has adjustable, rubber-coated nose and temple pieces to ensure a snug fit. Lenses are crafted in 8-base curvature, which

All Fired Up


5 Methods Of Survival Fire Making. Fire and the ability to create it and harness it is a key element of human survival. Whether it’s used to keep you warm, cook food, purify water or signal for help, its importance as a component of a sound survival strategy can’t be overstated. Given that critical importance,

Fixed Power Scopes


Might Be All You Need. Like most rifle shooters, I’ve gone through more than one evolution regarding equipment — especially

A Luckier Number


Cartridge Versatility Is Only Part Of The Reason Why Ruger’s Single-Seven .327 Federal Magnum Is The Ultimate Trail Gun. Introduced

The RPK Squad


Automatic Weapon An Under Appreciated Masterpiece. It’s easy to write off the RPK as an uninspired solution to a thorny