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Cutting Edge

One company’s light-for-caliber projectiles shred the traditional concept of hollowpoints. The general function of a hollowpoint has not changed since its conception. No matter the material, be it a jacketed lead core or solid copper, the bullets are designed to expand, not to turn. While most makers have gone the traditional route in regards to the hollowpoint production, one maker has taken a different approach.
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All Fired Up

Fire and the ability to create it and harness it is a key element of human survival. Whether it’s used to keep you warm, cook food, purify water or signal for help, its importance as a component of a sound survival strategy can’t be overstated. Given that critical importance, let’s take a look at some high-probability methods of making fire in the field with expedient means. Based on the old adage “Two is one, and one is none,” let’s stack the odds of redundancy in our favor and pick five. Read More

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