Shooting Industry Masters Charity Auction: S&W Model 686 .357 Revolver


BENEFITING: National Shooting Sports Foundation One hundred percent of the proceeds from this auction will go directly to the NSSF to help support and promote this very important national shooting program. You can directly help promote shooting to thousands of new shooters through your support on this important auction — and come away with a

Fixed Power Scopes


Might Be All You Need. Like most rifle shooters, I’ve gone through more than one evolution regarding equipment — especially rifles and scopes. I started out with iron sights, moved on to scopes on my first centerfire rifles (vintage Lymans in 4X and 6X), then on to variables, which were, I thought, the ultimate in



A Recipe For Success With Your Big AR. Last time I went on about the AR-10/SR-25-type rifles, and covered over

Airguns & Airsoft


High-Tech Fun-Power! What’s inexpensive to shoot and maintain, doesn’t need hearing protection and is just plain fun to shoot? Yup,